Colony Wars Vengeance Screenshot (6)
"Navy Forces, I am the Widowmaker. I shall add your deaths to my list of victories." - Widowmaker to Navy forces.

The Widowmaker is the name of a League of Free Worlds male pilot who lived during the start of the Second Colony War.

When the Colonial Navy forces moved into the Cronus System to mine the rich asteroid field for resources, they came under attack from newly arrived League forces who entered the area through a jumpgate. Declaring himself to the Navy forces, the Widowmaker. He engaged a fleet squadron consisting of Navy pilot Mertens where the Widowmaker expressed his disappointment in the enemy attack as he believed that a year in isolation in the Sol System would have honed their battle skills.

During the engagement, the Widowmaker killed several Navy pilots before the arrival of Mertens fellow pilot Becks. Together, the two managed to fight off the Widowmaker who managed to flee the system through a jumpgate. Before escaping, he told Mertens that he will return and even though he expected him to avenge his friends death, the Widowmaker said he would be waiting. He later returned and attacked a Navy operation which involved sending supplies to the front lines through a ship graveyard.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The character first appears in Mission 8 of Colony Wars: Vengeance