A Warp Hole is the means of Faster than Light travel in the early Colony Wars Universe. A large scale form of Jump engine technology.

In the times prior to the First Colony Wars, a warp hole was the only means of travel, located a the edge of each system, a Warp hole was generated by a Battle Platform at each side, enabling constant travel between systems for commerce, colonisation and for military operations.


The first Warp hole was opened in Sol in the 4th Millenium, revolutionising space trav

A Warp Hole.

el for centuries to come, enabling access to the Alpha Centauri system. Following this, every newly colonised system was connected by a permenant wormhole. As well as being a way to effectively travel to new planets, the Warp holes had a military advantage to the Empire, as it was the only point of entry into a star system, it would enable naval forces to concentrate the forces on a single point to easily defend a system.


  • While being a permanent solution to the limitations of space travel, the warp holes required a constant source of power from the battle platform to remain open.
  • The destruction or deactivation of a battle platform would instantly close the warp hole destroying any ships utterly while travelling through it.
  • The closure of a warp hole would result in the catastrophic isolation of the system it connects, which, proven in Sol's case, would result in widespread panic, food and resource shortages should the system be unable to sustain itself, if newly colonised or drained of resources.