The Watch Logo.

The Watch is the name of an organization within the Colonial Navy which was formed during the Second Colony War.

Created by Kron himself, the Watch served as a secret police force that watched the fleet for disloyalty, treachery and insurgent actions. Officers that were invited to enroll into the Watch were given no choice as those that refused often suffered from "accidents"; such as being thrown out of an airlock. The actual executions were not known to the rest of the fleet though it was known that Watch officers often were nearby during the incidents.

After the discovery of informants to the League of Free Worlds, the Watch began a purge of the Colonial Navy and executed any traitors found within their ranks. Becks became the head of the Watch and when Mertens was accused of treachery, she used his own words against him in an effort to get him executed. However, it was determined that she herself was in fact a traitor and was killed by Mertens along with the Watch Command Bay headquarters.