Sol is the home system of the Earth Empire and Humanity.


Sol is the home system for the Earth Empire, though for much of its' history humanity mainly lived on Earth, but by 3095, humanity, presumably under the banner of the Empire, expanded to the nearby planets and moons. In the centuries that followed, Sol was completely and utterly stripped of all finite resources, coupled with a rapidly expanding population, forced the empire to begin its' expansion to other solar systems. This became a reality in 4175 with the opening of the first Warp hole to Alpha Centuari.

Sol eventually descended into complete civil war and anarchy following the deliberate collapse of the warp hole by retreating League forces, with the Empire dissolving into various warring tribes. Following nearly a century of all-out conflict, Sol was reunited in 4669 through the reformed Colonial Navy under the leadership of Kron, who then proceded to invade League space through a newly opened warp hole.


  • Mercury - Closest to the systems star, Sol, Mercury was the site of small orbital stations and obsolete factories. Political elements within the empire petitioned for the 'detonation' of the planet.
  • Venus - An uninhabitable planet, Venus was home to several 'sky city' coloies, protected from the dangers of the atmosphere by powerful shields.
  • Earth - Homeworld of Humanity, Earth was the most populated world in Empire space, covered in megacities and drained of all resources, earth was protected by massive Navy fleets. Following the civil war that engulfed Sol, Earth's vast, century old cities were reduced to ruins.
  • Mars - Possibly the first planet colonised by Humanity, Mars, like Earth was a major population centre and home to possibly several Starports.
  • Jupiter - The largest planet in the system, Jupiter was home to the famous 'sky cities' enabling millions to populate the planets. Home to the infamous 'Sky city riots' in which Navy ships fired on unarmed sky cities. During League invasion, League strike cannons where postioned in orbit to act as 'artillery' for incoming Navy ships.
  • Saturn - Home to sky cities like Jupiters', Saturn was primarily a military installation,home to hidden shipyards and at least one artificial moon around Titan.
  • Uranus - Home to the empires' navy academy, possibly one of the first planets taken by League ships.
  • Neptune - Home to the Colonial Navys' early warning outposts, and also home to stationed Navy fleets and acted as a base like Saturn.
  • Pluto - A dwarf planet, Pluto is a 'criminal punishment zone', for criminals and political dissidents, run by the Empire. The warp hole and Sol battle platform was located nearby.