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Mertens is the name of a male human who participated in the Second Colony Wars, also known as the "Vengeance War".

He was too young to have participated in the First Colony War and instead grew up in the aftermath of the Earth Empire's defeat at the hands of the League of Free Worlds. In that time whilst growing up, he had been at the brink of starvation, was a thief and called a murderer. He was fed a diet of hatred given to him during the civil war on Earth between the various factions after the Warp hole had been shut. He quickly learnt the ways of war in that time and longed for the day that he along with the rest of the humans of Earth could get their revenge for the imprisonment of their people in the Sol System.

That time arrived when a charismatic leader known as Kron took charge and led the Colonial Navy in a war against the League during the Vengeance War and Mertens served as a high ranking pilot in the war. However, over the course of the conflict, Mertens learnt that Kron had betrayed them all as he was originally a pilot for the League who had been abandoned on Earth due to his mental instability. As such, the entire conflict was engineered by Kron to seek revenge against The Father. At the end of the Second Colony Wars, Mertens personally killed Kron thus ending the war between the Colonial Navy and the League.


  • Colony Wars: Vengeance