Jump Engine Technology is the form of Faster than Light travel in the Colony Wars Universe.


Jump technology is the revolutionary technology created in 4175 by Empire scientists to reduce the journey time of spacecraft travelling through the Solar system, and to also open up colonisation of the much sought after Alpha Centauri system. This led to the first opening of the Warp hole and the beginning of the Expansionary Era.

JET consists of a 'jump energy' field that envelopes the spacecraft causing it to bridge limited distances; the ships time 'jumping' matters on the distance it is jumping.

However despite being an 'FTL' drive, the JET technology purely works on an interplanetary level, in order to travel the desired distance of light years, a drive would need much more energy and a much larger jumpgate, this was where the Warp Holes were created, with the Battle Platforms, the only spacecraft in existance able to create a jump gate of such immense size. In Red Sun era most major station is capable to open small, temporary jump gate for craft that don't have their own jump engine. Sometime certain craft need to recalibrate themself before initiating jump. This period some time can proven to be fatal as pirate or more sinister force may prepare an ambush. Jump gate is available for vacuum and atmospheric flight or a transition between both enviroment.

By the 4600's nearly all craft, at least in the military, were equipped with jump drives.

Role within the gamesEdit

  • Jumpgates are usually seen at the end of levels in, as a means for the player to return to base
  • The Sol Warp hole plays a crucial role in one of the endings of Colony Wars and the beginning of Vengeance.