Blast Radius is an arcade styled spin-off to the series, and the only game not to have "Colony Wars' in its title. It was released in 1998, but was re-released in 1999. It is often considered a game of it's own, but was tied into the series by a mention of the Earth Empire in its manuel.


Kayne was once one of the best pilots serving Earth, as a member of the legendary Wolf Squadron. However in an act of brutal betrayal Imperial forces turned the squad and extecuted most of them. Only Kayne survived. For lack of a better life he became a soldier of fortune, at which point he was approached by the Vorn. A benevalent race under attack from the brutal Kotan-Kai. In retrun for his service in their war he receives their advanced ships and weaponry for his personal use. He is their last hope.


The Gameplay is almost the exact same as Colony Wars, but slightly edited. When the player starts they chose from one of four ships. After the player selects their ship they want to use their campain starts.Most gameplay revolves around destroying Kotan machinery or protecting Vorn craft. The player is given a certain ammount of energy in different categories such as shields, health, and fuel. After the player destroys a piece of Kotan machinery a power-core made of one of the following usually appears, which replenishes all of whatever energy it is made of. As the game goes on the player unlocks more ships and weapons for use.



The game received good reviews. IGN called it "The made for TV version of Colony Wars" and GameStop stated that it just felt like more of an expansion then an actual game.