Becks is the name of a female human pilot who lived during the time of the Second Colony Wars, also known as the "Vengeance War".

She was only a small child during the First Colony War and lived on Mars during the time when the League of Free Worlds bombarded the colony from orbit. Since that time, her dreams had been filled with the terror of seeing millions of Earth Empire citizens perish from the massacre. It took three days for the Colonial Navy to launch a counterattack against the enemy forces but by then, her life had been changed forever. Since that time, she decided she would no longer be like other civilians and be unarmed or at the mercy of the enemy; instead, she would be like the great pilots who had liberated the skies above Mars.

Becks joined with the Colonial Navy forces who had been unified by Kron and sought revenge against the League for being imprisoned in the Sol System.


  • Colony Wars: Vengeance